1- Download a virtual or augmented reality application on your mobile. There are many apps available on the app stores for Android and iOS devices. Download the one you prefer and follow the installation instructions to activate it.

2- Insert the mobile in the virtual reality glasses: Open the front part of the glasses and place the mobile in the support. Make sure that the phone is centered and that the lenses of the glasses are in line with the lenses of the phone.

3- Adjust the interpupillary distance: frAse has a mechanism at the bottom that is used to adjust the interpupillary distance. It is important that you adjust this distance so that the eyes can see the images correctly and avoid eye fatigue.

4- Adjust the head strap: The head strap will allow you to adjust the glasses to your head so that they fit comfortably and stay in place during use. Adjust the head strap so that the glasses fit snugly on your head.

5- Start using the virtual reality glasses: Now that you have the glasses adjusted correctly, you can start using them. Follow the instructions for the app you previously activated. Most VR apps will guide you through the experience.

6- Use the controls: Some applications need an external controller. Make sure you know and set up the controls before you start using the glasses. This will allow you to interact with the virtual world and control the experience.

7- Be careful: When you use the virtual reality glasses, make sure you are in a safe place free of obstacles. Also, limit the use of glasses to avoid eye fatigue. If you experience dizziness or nausea, stop using the glasses and rest.